King of the Eternal Night, Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: No retreat

But where would the skirt come from? Qianye tried his best to solve this problem. Shaking his head forcefully, he noticed the girls around them, and understood where the skirt would come from.

Was this how being drunk felt like? It wasn’t that bad! As he thought even more, he became full of excitement.

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King of the Eternal Night, Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: First time

Qianye didn’t expect Mimi’s senses to be so sharp. He had just saw her gather the corpses and he slightly moved the hand on the tree as he thought, creating a faint sound, and was unexpectedly noticed.

“It’s me, Qianye.” he walked out from his hiding spot.

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King of the Eternal Night, Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Explanation for the past

I couldn’t control myself, how shameful, even though I was planning on sleeping.

Hearing Sunni’s words, Chang Jing immediately relaxed. Shrugging, shee spoke, “Thats the game of the higher ups, it shouldn’t concern us, should it?”

Yin Ying did not speak, he just nodded.

Sunni’s gaze landed on Qian Ye’s body, “It concerns us, but only a bit. We don’t have to care why this child survived, we just have to care about what to do with him now. Give him the normal training in accordance to the regulations. If he wants to survive, he can only rely on himself. Even if he does, it does not concern Acheron.”

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King of the Eternal Night, Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: This is……Friendship?

With a bang, the door to the room was kicked open yet again as Long Hai entered with furrowed brows, he asked coldly, “Who’s screaming?”

Chen Lei painstakingly ran towards Long Hai like a terrified little beast.

Disgust appeared in Long Hai’s face momentarily as he whipped Chen Lei viciously, scolding, “Trash!” Before he used his feet to turn Chen Lei’s body, which had fell to the ground.

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King of the Eternal Night, Chapter 10

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Qian Ye felt the existence of a strange space in his abdomen filled with Force tumbling about, it was like a butterfly trying to break free from its cacoon. But this space had an invisible wall containing it, only after breaking through the barrier could one light this node, allowing the Force in his body to interact with it.

The methods for breaking through were all different. Most of them were rather gentle, using the method of slowly grinding the barrier down, gradually removing the barrier.

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