Chapter 2 – Is this planet Earth?

“If the beggar can see it, it means that it’s not just my imagination.”

As Meng Ke thought, he turned to look at another passerby. The mysterious man followed his gaze, blocking that person’s path.

But, to Meng Ke’s surprise, that person simply walked through the mysterious man as though he couldn’t see anything.


Meng Ke couldn’t understand as he instructed the mysterious man to pull out his red longsword, slashing down suddenly.

But contrary to his expectations, the passerby felt nothing as he continued to walk further, the phantasy longsword passing through his body.

Meng Ke turned back to the beggar, he was incredibly confused. Why? Could he only use his ability once?

The mysterious man kicked the beggar again.

“Ah…! Who! Who kicked me again!?” The beggar jumped up, furiously looking at where the mysterious man was.


“…Where is the toilet?”


“That way.”


Why was it only effective on this beggar, and not anyone else?

Looking at his spiritual world, Meng Ke could see the tiny ball of light shining weakly in the darkness, and an invisible spiritual thread that was connected to the body of the begar.

Was it because of the spiritual thread that he could see the phantasies?

Meng Ke sensed this thread as he suddenly severed it.

Instantly, the beggar grabbed at his head as he started screaming in pain.

“Brother, I was wrong! The toilet is that way, turn left there, thank you…!”

Meng Ke looked at him, and then back at the passerby as the mysterious man walked over again.

“Is there something wrong?”

The passerby looked at the mysterious man that was blocking his way, his clothes were strange, and he thought that he was a cosplayer.


Meng Ke sighed in relief, his ability wasn’t a consumable, and by severing the connection with the beggar, this person could now see his phantasies. That also meant that, he could only create one spiritual thread to connect with one person at one time.

Looking at his spiritual world, the light that represented the beggar slowly dissolved into a blurry human shadow.

Meng Ke could sense that this shadow was the mysterious man.

And after it had absorbed the light, it became clearer.

Following that, a new light appeared, it was similarly connected to the passerby with a spiritual thread.

Frustrated, the passerby wanted to leave, but he was stopped, “Excuse me……”

“……is this planet Earth?”


How would you feel, if you were walking normally on a street, and a man wearing strange clothes suddenly asked you, if this was planet Earth? 


Zhao Xian couldn’t describe this feeling, it was either a prank or this man was insane.

He discreetly looked around him, and in response, Meng Ke quickly hid himself. As a result, Zhao Xian could only see the beggar sleeping against the wall, and nothing else.

He was sure that there was a hidden camera somewhere!

With a chuckle, Chen Xian sized up the Mysterious man as he contemptuously joked, “This is Nebula M78, the Earth you are speaking of is there.” as he pointed randomly at a dim star in the sky.

With a thoughtful nod, the mysterious man raised his head to look at the star.

Aren’t you looking for planet Earth? Fly up there if you can!

As Chen Xian mocked him in his heart, he walked past the mysterious man.

Cosplayers are getting sillier and sillier, did they truly think that……


Suddenly, an extremely strong whirlwind appeared along with the sound of an explosion.

Chen Xian turned his head in surprise, only to see a human figure in the sky getting further and further as it flew towards that star.

“Fuck me…!!”


Returning to his house, Meng Ke took out a pen and a notebook from his drawer.

He was uncontrollably excited, and he wanted to pen down his thoughts to rationalise.

Firstly, this ability was like illusion magic, but it was so much more at the same time.

Being able to see the phantasies meant that it affected the sense of vision.

Being able to hear the phantasies meant that it affected the sense of hearing.

Being able to feel the pain caused by the phantasies meant that it affected the sense of touch.

And he was able to smell the scent of the female ghost, meaning that it affected the sense of smell.

As for taste……

A delicious-looking cake appeared on his desk, and Meng Ke took a bite.

And the sweetness of cream instantly tantalised his tastebuds.

Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

And as a result, Meng Ke wrote strongly in his notebook.

[Affects the five senses.]

Thinking more carefully, he wasn’t sure how he used his ability the first time, not only did he not sense any kind of mysterious energy in his body, he wasn’t affected mentally as well. 

And he wrote down [No consumption] as well.

Following that, another question appeared in his heart. If this ability didn’t consume anything, the only restrictions it had was its effectiveness range and the number of spiritual threads.

And if his distance was unlimited, his range would be unlimited as well.

That meant that as long as he had enough spiritual threads, Meng Ke felt as though could climb to the roof of his building and scream.

“I’m the king of the world…!!”

He had a feeling that this ability was only useful against humans, those that were connected by spiritual threads.

And in the eyes of his victims, his phantasies didn’t have any distance or range restrictions.

But in the eyes of other people, they wouldn’t be able to see anything.

In other words, this was a type of illusion on the mind, and not just magic that relied on props and tricks.

That explained why his phantasies could affect a human’s five senses, it was because its effects were on the target’s mind.


His ability didn’t seem to be that simple. Meng Ke recalled the beggar that was asleep, and how his phantasy had appeared even before he was awake.

Writing down a full stop, he turned the page.

He thought of the light in his spiritual world, the first light was created with the power of the beggar’s faith, and through that thread, he could clearly sense the senses the other person was feeling.

Not only that, he could add more phantasies through the spiritual thread without needing to be nearby.

And that made it more discreet and safe for him.

Furthermore, the light could continue to absorb the power of faith from the person connected to it. Once it had absorbed a certain amount of faith, it could turn phantasies into reality.

But he could only connect to one person currently, and he didn’t know how to increase the number of spiritual threads.

Re-reading everything he had written down, Meng Ke suddenly realised, if his power was used properly, he could change the world.

Eternal youth, the ability to fly and turn the world upside down, as long as it was something he could imagine, it wasn’t impossible.

And the only real question he had was right in front of him.

How could he increase the number of spiritual threads?

Rubbing his painful temples, Meng Ke looked at the clock on his table, it was three o’clock in the night.

“I should sleep first and worry about this tomorrow.”

After taking a shower, he crawled into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

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