New Chapter – God of Thunder

That’s right, a new chapter! In fact this this is the first chapter since the move over to KobatoChanDaiSuki’s site. I just wanted to pop by here to make sure that everyone knows about the news and were to find new chapters. So without further ado….. HERE.


Sheepie is so considerate~ thank you sheepie~



Book 4 Chapter 3: The Best Location

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O~Kay, I think that’s about it for my translating spree! lets all patiently wait for next week’s customary chapter. Poop.

Changed Yi Da Tong to Yo Daton, it sounds nicer.

Thank you to Mr Sheepie for editing.

Hello everyone! l3lacksheep here, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and great holiday season! Me and Puttty decided to give this chapter to you all as a special present from us to you to show how much we appreciate you here at Puttty Translations. It’s all thanks to you, your comments, and support that we can do what we do. So enjoy the chapter and have a wonderful day!!!
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Book 4 Chapter 2: Coercion (2)

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Oh, one thing, when I say ‘Dozen’ in the text, don’t assume it’s 12, because Chinese people like to say 10+, and it looks weird in English if I were to put ’10+’ in text, so I use dozen as a substitute, is there a better way though, or you guys don’t mind if I use 10+?

Oh, and I’m changing the thing where like originally I use Huo Lun Attribute, now I’m using Fire Lun Attribute, sorry I didn’t do that earlier. Also, Lun Chang space is now Hidden Lun space, Chang = hide.
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Book 3 Chapter 18: Stellar Night Fortress (2)

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Puttty is going to an anime convention for the first time, hoho, she’s not cosplaying though, the costumes are too expensive, maybe next year she’ll do it…..hurhur.

Thanks to sheepie-san for editing~

You really should. Cosplaying is one of the best parts of the whole thing! Also I had this for a couple days already but went into a food coma as I celebrate Thanksgiving. Now that I am alive again I finally finished editing. Here you go!!! – l3lacksheep
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